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Monday, May 17, 2010

17 May 2010, Monday

17 May 2010, Monday

Happy Anniversary darling!! :)

Yesterday was our dating anniversary for first year. But we already celebrated earlier at Saturday night at Tasty Pot, Dataran Mentari. This is a place where i never been and so surprise that is another steamboat buffet where Pork Free! There are served with seafood such as: Fish filet, Bamboo Stick (chuk tan), lala, big clam, si ham, prawn, muser, and lots. Besides this, with lot of choices vegetables n chicken. The grill was grilled by staff there where we just need to q up to grab our food. Well, there is a roasted lamb too! Too many peoples waiting for the lamb. What i feel disappointed are two things: the beverage they have separate charge. We ordered a pot of tea till end of makan only refill 2x hot water only. Another is the upstair she had closed till downstairs finish without any empty seats. :(

Well, i'm ok with the food there. But who knows i'm feel so 'chai' at the night after the dinner. I didn't blame on the un- fresh food but i really dont feel feeling well later. My darl help me by applied me tiger balm and i cant even manage to sleep at night. I only feel the heat on my stomach and i cover with my blanket off. I kept on run to toilet but there is no shit for me out from my stupid stomach. :( I only manage to sleep well right after 5am. I only sleep for 5 hours! How do you imagine that you keep on go to visit toilet? It's not consider diarrhea but is stomach feel not feeling well only. :(

I visited 1 Utama before when to dinner. Actually i went there is because of the shoes is not fit me at hall with size 9 where already consider big size for me! Now even i need to change for size 10! :S What the hack of my legs is!! :S Well, i didn't blame on but my legs. Any ideas to make my legs smaller besides by cut my feet? Hahaha. :p Then We went to bought my bras where really costs me RM250 for this! But it's really love to wear it lo. Why? Is really comfortable and where also stylish and the pattern so nice. I'm really so love with this. (Pls: I will snap the photos and post here soon yea, Hehe!) ... At night before home, we went to cheras to take my bags where ordered from Kelly. Her bags really stylish and i love the colour too! Thanx ya Kelly. :D

Another Sunday @ 17/05/10, where really makes my legs broke where only i shopped only 5 hours. Because of today i did really makes my purse 'lubang' already. I need to buy a set of green tea because of an accident happen at purple cane. I dont blame but i really hurt because of money flew at the things where i dont want to buy! So 'sui' la. Haiz. :( Went to Cold Storage buy some things before went home after had tea time at Small Thailand, The Gardens, Mid Valley. Suddenly my small brother told me he wants to eat steamboat and i asked him to call my mom. So, we went to Jusco to buy the steamboat ingredients again. Hahaha, where we also bought the pork slides where nice to use to eat at shabu shabu before.

So, i just end my this two days holiday here. I will update ya again maybe later? Tonight? Or might tomorrow. See how i feel first ya. Hehe :P

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  1. fufu,

    Lucky i did not buy flower, cause i almost no money if buy i onl y left 100 plus to survive till salary out. I need pay for petrol too since my sis no work there anymore. haih. No free petrol dy. I miss the day we eat at tasty pot but ur stomach keep give problem. haih

    Next week i hope i can come early after your family dinner. I realy dun want to wait so long to go your home see my lou poh and kids.
    i want to go pm alone but u insist me go later with you, ok no problem so i have too wait. you better let me know next month who is coming to kuantan with my family