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Monday, May 17, 2010

17 May 2010, Monday

17 May 2010, Monday

Happy Anniversary darling!! :)

Yesterday was our dating anniversary for first year. But we already celebrated earlier at Saturday night at Tasty Pot, Dataran Mentari. This is a place where i never been and so surprise that is another steamboat buffet where Pork Free! There are served with seafood such as: Fish filet, Bamboo Stick (chuk tan), lala, big clam, si ham, prawn, muser, and lots. Besides this, with lot of choices vegetables n chicken. The grill was grilled by staff there where we just need to q up to grab our food. Well, there is a roasted lamb too! Too many peoples waiting for the lamb. What i feel disappointed are two things: the beverage they have separate charge. We ordered a pot of tea till end of makan only refill 2x hot water only. Another is the upstair she had closed till downstairs finish without any empty seats. :(

Well, i'm ok with the food there. But who knows i'm feel so 'chai' at the night after the dinner. I didn't blame on the un- fresh food but i really dont feel feeling well later. My darl help me by applied me tiger balm and i cant even manage to sleep at night. I only feel the heat on my stomach and i cover with my blanket off. I kept on run to toilet but there is no shit for me out from my stupid stomach. :( I only manage to sleep well right after 5am. I only sleep for 5 hours! How do you imagine that you keep on go to visit toilet? It's not consider diarrhea but is stomach feel not feeling well only. :(

I visited 1 Utama before when to dinner. Actually i went there is because of the shoes is not fit me at hall with size 9 where already consider big size for me! Now even i need to change for size 10! :S What the hack of my legs is!! :S Well, i didn't blame on but my legs. Any ideas to make my legs smaller besides by cut my feet? Hahaha. :p Then We went to bought my bras where really costs me RM250 for this! But it's really love to wear it lo. Why? Is really comfortable and where also stylish and the pattern so nice. I'm really so love with this. (Pls: I will snap the photos and post here soon yea, Hehe!) ... At night before home, we went to cheras to take my bags where ordered from Kelly. Her bags really stylish and i love the colour too! Thanx ya Kelly. :D

Another Sunday @ 17/05/10, where really makes my legs broke where only i shopped only 5 hours. Because of today i did really makes my purse 'lubang' already. I need to buy a set of green tea because of an accident happen at purple cane. I dont blame but i really hurt because of money flew at the things where i dont want to buy! So 'sui' la. Haiz. :( Went to Cold Storage buy some things before went home after had tea time at Small Thailand, The Gardens, Mid Valley. Suddenly my small brother told me he wants to eat steamboat and i asked him to call my mom. So, we went to Jusco to buy the steamboat ingredients again. Hahaha, where we also bought the pork slides where nice to use to eat at shabu shabu before.

So, i just end my this two days holiday here. I will update ya again maybe later? Tonight? Or might tomorrow. See how i feel first ya. Hehe :P

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 May 2010, Wednesday

12 May 2010, Wednesday

4 more days, will comes to the anniversary with my darl. Due to soon we will go to Hatyai soon on next month, so i planned dont spend on the day. I just wanna to save now to go more further place. Now is near n affordable place, and soon i believe we may travel to Osaka, Japan where we will eat fresh sashimi as per our dream. Darl please dont waste money to buy flower or how, i just need to pass my day as last year. Is didnt mean i dont care of this day, but for the time being we really need to save! I want to see you recover soon with the nerves and all with didnt need to eat the drug again ok.

This few days i really feel i want to done with my account job. So sorry if i no time to entertain with you with reading your text message or calls. My company's project already done, what i need to do is my part since ppl at site had done his part. It's sound not easy but i believe sure i can do it. When everyone is free and playing around, is me where is only me who keep on doing non stop. I miss my gang, chit chatting with them from morning till late night. But since everyone is busy for their works, their love, what else i accept? I also have a bf where he wants to see me every weekend. So our meeting already become less and less. But i'm happy too we are still keep in touch through what have this today - Cell Phone! Hehe :P

Another sharing of thought:
Recently i had finished one TVB Hong Kong movie. It's a long time old series where i really love it so much till last month spend whole day at office just watch the movie. 天地男儿. This is really makes me cry so much! There are two couples where are always fighting for their true loves! I will feel sad or sorrow when feel that character is make me sympathy. Why the one is really love each other but end with this? For Chi Kien and Yong Yong, i really love to see them couple. And Suet Yeng and Kah Lap is always be one! The comes back in one when end of series. But different is the first couple already death! Well, is a good movie i really recommend to my friend and i will buy it be my collection when i see any where later!

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 may 2010, Monday

10 May 2010, Monday

Really dont remember when was my end last day when he left. I dont know what make me strong and stay hard on myself even know someone hurt me so much! Well, now already 24 years old and i found someone will really treat me well. He cooked me breakfast at the Saturday morning and bring to my home while i'm still laying on my bed. He is the one accompany me every Saturday night till next day. I'm really appreciate him what he do to me while others. He is my bf, Mr. Lim Xx.

We had been went through so many places at KL. He bought me so many things when i'm so broke. No one will do this. Last Saturday celebrated Mother Day together with his family and with my family too. Soeul Garden, 1 Utama. Even that is not really good, but i want to have a real buffet soon with my parents! Let me reach my savings Rm5K at second maybank account, i will bring my parents to go hotel buffet. Japanese Buffet better than Tenji, Xenri or even Jogoya!! HAhaha~

After celebrated mother day, is time to think where i will celebrate father day again then my parents birthday. Let me survey and i will promise bring them for the nice food ever!! 10

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28 April 2010, Get Well Soon, Darl!

28 April 2010, Wednesday

Darl complaint to me since last Thursday tears didnt stop since morning. He wants me to ask doc what's wrong with him. What i get is just a normal conclusion~ He is tired! But i cant even expected he is affected virus! Luckily i want him to check earlier with Dr. Thomas, where i knew him not long ago (but story quite long) , if nt i really dont know what will happen next to my darl. =(

Monday i didnt went to work. I'm accompany him went to General Hospital Klang to appointment with doctor at the early morning. We stay overnight at his 5th aunty house where near to hospital~ Teluk Pulai. She sent us to the hospital right after breakfast. I called Dr. Thomas when we were reach. So surprise when see so many peoples waiting to consult. But i'm quite lucky every time when 'visit' this hospital. I'm feel like i'm the V.I.P for this hospital. Why i said so? Because i never need to queue up what other peoples need to do. I can even sit at the Head Of Nurse (HON)'s room while waiting for consult from Head Of Department (HOD). Wow! Every friend i come for consult, sure they will get with the best service where no need to wait so long! I had a Head Of Department from Surgery to see me every time. My friend, Danny will get special offer with the Eyes Specialist. End last, my darl get Thhis Bedah Mulut, Head Of Department to treat. :)

Yea, that's why now i understand why we need friend sometimes. We can easily consult with any specialist sometimes. I have a lot of friends with any jobs from specialist to nor normal or just a learner. They are my good friend to consult when i really need a friend. Doctor, Nurse, Engineer, IT Engineer, Communication Engineer, Software/hardware consultant, shopkeeper, lawyer, clerk, outlet manager, boss. . .. Wow! Really cant tell here all. Please allow me to say that, i'm really grateful to have them to become my friend. When i need them, sure they never say no to me. I love friend, making more friends. I have a lot of friend where knew from internet, dont even meet them before. But they are really so good can give me a lot advices when i really need help. Thankkss so much to them!

Back to my darl's case. He needs to eat the medicine with name 'prednisolone'. I really dont know what this is. So i had Google -ed, this is one of the drug where we cant eat too much. What my darl eat is now dos quite heavy (5mg x5), so hope next week when he back to Dr. Thomas checking he will decrease the dos. Hope he is feel better with medicines, vitamin and the oil ment where doctor give him on Monday. Take care and get well soon, my lou kong darl. You had promised fu fu a lot of things! Pizza Hut, Macro Pizza, KFC, Genting, Ipoh, Haytai, ....

Love you de! Muaksss. :*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21 April 2010, All about me

21 April 2010, Wednesday
About 'Sagittarius'

乐观与忧愁:Happy & Sad
射手座人的内心不是外表看上去那么乐观的,因为喜欢看的远,容易担 忧的事情也就多,在他们的字典里,即使现在好,也不一定代表未来好,有时候很多人觉得很好的一个工作或一个伴侣,他们很轻易的就会放弃掉,可能只是因为一个毫不起眼的小原因。所以,这样的外在表现,就让人们觉得他们 不喜欢被某件事情或某个人束缚住,追求自由的,没有压力的感觉。

Sagittarius -ians didnt happy as show at outlook. Because likes to look far so worry things a lot. At their dictionary, even though now, also didnt mean will good in future. Sometimes, many peoples think a good job or a good couple; they will easily give up. This is because only one small matter reason. So, they will make people think of them dont like to commit, need fully freedom. They dont like pressure too!

现实:In Real
忽略了他们现实的一面,算计起来不会比 处女座差哦,只是更高明更隐藏罢了。射手座人的是必须建立在现实的基础上的,一般他们很少谈及自己的梦想,而是实际的去做一些向梦想靠拢的事情。如果 可以借巧力完成的事情,决不会多花一点工夫。所以有时候射手座也容易给人耍小聪明的感觉。可是,不得不承认他们完成的还满不错。也许终其一生,他们都在考 虑怎么巧妙的做一些事情,花最少的精力去达到最好的效果。所以,很多射手座看上去让人们会觉得很懒,但是其实他们的大脑可没有停下过思考现实的事情。
Always say that Sagittarius is the
pursue vainly hoped for, but they keep on neglect in their real. They didnt lose compare with virgo -ians. They are just hidden themselves. Sagittarius -ians hope and dreams must stabilize at real life. Usually they less talk about their dream, but they will use action to achieve their dream. If can use chocolate to complete their dream, they will try hard on it no matter how. So sometimes Sagittarius -ians is easy let people think they are smart and intelligent. Need to admit that their works really good! Maybe is life, they will always think about how to settle a thing with a best solution by using minimal energy. So, many Sagittarius -ians give other people impression is lazy. But actually their brain never stop for thinking about how to improve now for better.

拒绝低俗:Rejects vulgarly
几乎所有的射手座 内心都是骄傲的,其程度绝不亚于狮子座。只不过他们不会显现在脸上,外在的表现总是随和的,恰当的。可是内在有着极强的自尊心,敏感也情绪化。因为射手座 人心中是骄傲的,所以他们拒绝低俗,不喜欢任何u的、粗鲁的事或人。如果可以,他们希望一切有关的事物,都是优雅的、高尚的,值得品味的。而真正能让他们觉得值得交朋友或谈恋爱的人是很少的,虽然表面上他们是很随和的。

Almost and all the Sagittarius -ians were arrogant in heart; but didnt strong as Leo -ians. Just they will not show on their face only. From outlook, they are always easy get along with but they have a very strong self- respect. They are sensitive too. Because Sagittarius -ians give people impression is arrogant, so they reject vulgarly. They dont like uncouth, rough people or thing. If can, they hope all the things will become graceful, noble and worth to savoring. And can make them worth to become their friend or become couple is very less even they are easy going person.

很多人说 射手座多情,尤其是男性。其实在射手座人的心目中,对于爱情确实有理想化的倾向,和他们谈恋爱,是一件高难度的事情。他们非常讨厌俗气的人,所以你不能很 物质或喜欢谈钱,但是他们又很现实,所以你不能一文不名,各方面也必须有一定的实力。物质与精神,你必须平衡的刚刚好,才让他们觉得你值得去爱。或者,你 有足够的神秘感,可以让他们不知道你的缺点在哪里,而盲目的爱你。一般,当然是没有完美无缺的人的,所以,可能象金牛座这样永远会让射手感觉,会非常吸引他们;或者象双子那样,足够机智,懂得察言观色,捕捉他们的情绪,才会让他们感觉到爱情的甜蜜。一般射手的感情模式是,第一阶段,你们 还不熟悉,他(她)爱上了你,非常热情。第二阶段,你们逐渐熟悉,而他(她)开始龟毛,整天挑剔你的毛病,无论是背地里还是当面。如果你有幸通过他(她) 的挑剔过程,基本挑剔出的毛病为零或者你把缺点保密的非常好;那么进入第三阶段,他们就又是忠诚和热情的爱人了。但是基本能通过第二阶段的人非常少,所以 有了射手多情一说。其实射手对恋人的挑剔,是源于对爱情的挑剔,对丧失自由感的恐惧。

Many people said that Sagittarius is affection, especially man. Actually in Sagittarius -ian mind, their love is idealization. Dating with them is really a high difficulty, because they hate uncouth person. So, you cant talk about materialistic and money even they are reality. So, you cant be too poor, everything need to have strength. You need to stabilize both so they will know you are worth to be love. Or then you have enough mystical to let them know your shortcoming so they will love you blind. Of cause they is no prefect person, so like Taurus -ian, ascertains the airtight stuffy person will let Sagittarius -ians attract. Or like Gemini -ian, enough quick- witted, understand by watches everyone's mood by catches their moods will let them feel what love is. Usually the first stage about them: You both dont know each other; when he/she loves you, he/she will be very passionate. Second stage, When you both know each other better, she will become keep on complaining, how matter in front or behind. If you are lucky, keep the shortcoming best, so you will come to third stage where they will become loyal and passionate spouse. But the people who can pass at stage two were little, so they is affection comes to others' mouth. Actually Sagittarius -ian complaints, is a stems where to love nitpicking, to lose the scare of freedom.

射手座人的人生,往往是幸运 的,因为他们是聪慧的、明朗的、通透的。与众不同,也许是他们终生追求的梦想,希望每一个射手人,可以找到他们的梦想!
Sagittarius -ians in life is the lucky one! Because of their smart, intelligent, happy go lucky is different compare with each other. This might because they love to chase for their dream. Hope every Sagittarius -ian will find their dream!

人人都说射手座是感情的 骗子,对爱情不尊重,只追求片刻的快感,是花心与冲满欲望的象征。朋友们你们了解射手座最真实的一面吗?
Everyone said that Sagittarius- ian is a liar in love, They didnt respect in relationship, only want to happy for a certain. There is 'flower heart'. But do you think you understand them well?

射手座是大孩子,天真与善良,遇到爱情时,可能让人感觉不认真,付出的比谁都 少。可是,知道吗?射手座很想爱,却也很怕爱!刚开始他们只是慢慢的付出,谨慎的爱,好怕自己会受伤。可是在一句一句的爱,一天一天的相处下,射手座把带 刺的防备丢掉,开始不顾一切的去爱他们所爱的人,在别人眼中,只是射手座为了达到某种目的而作的行动。可射手座不介意,他会在自己幸福的想象中陶醉,希望 对方能感受自己的爱,想对方觉得与自己一齐是幸福的。
Sagittarius -ians is a child where cute, adorable and good heart. When they meet their love, will let people feel that he/she is not serious. Give is very little. But did you know, Sagittarius- ians want to love! But they scare to love too. They will giving their heart slowly. They will love cafefully, scare to hurt themselves. But day comes to days, their thorn will remove slowly and start to love his/her one no matter how. At people mind, they might because of something to do so, but they dont care. They ae being enjoy themselves, hope his/her love one will feel their one one when together with her love one.

在射手座爱上了一个人,他会把自己放到最后。有苦自己承担,可能会因为吵了一场 小架而不开心,却也是最快认错,无论谁的错,他们都会包容,知道吗?射手座会因为深爱一个人而原谅他的,会因为你的一句话付出很多。他们爱玩,在玩的 同时,也希望把那一份好心情带给你,射手座是乐 观的。
Once a Sagittarius -ian fall in love, he/she always think of themselves at last. Everything that is not feel good, he/she will bear themselves. There is might a small fighting or quarrel, he/she will say sorry fast no matter he/she is no wrong. They are ready to forgive. They will forgive because of love someone so much if you betray. They enjoy to play so when they play, they will give you his/her happiness, so Sagittarius- ian is optimism one.

人们总觉得射手座的世界很 快乐,可是呢?射手座难过时没有人知道,他不想让别人可怜自己,射手座不坚强,可是很善良。在你难过时哄你开心,让你有依靠,分手后,他会哭者去想属于你们俩幸福的回忆,也不想爱的人因为同情而和他一齐。他比谁都希望自己爱的人快乐幸福,却常常忽略了自己,全身都是伤也笑着告诉你,我很好不用担心。
You might feel in their life is happy, but do you know, when they sad nobody knows because he/she dont know others to sympathy to him/her. They are not strong enough but they really good in heart. They will cheer you up but after broke up, they will keep on think the sweet memories belongs to you both. They dont want because of sympathy and reluctance together with him/her back. He/she hope his/her love one will happily ever after but always forgot themselves. They will tell you he/she is ok, ask you dont worry about him/her.

在所有人看到他的笑容以为他没事,却不知道失恋对射手座有多大伤害,华丽的外表下有一颗脆弱的需要别人了解和安慰的心。知道嘛?你的一点关心,心思细腻的射手座会记得你对他的好,把自己的爱毫无保留的送给你,射手座是不被了解的,可他们不会怨谁。他们会傻傻的认为,让我承担吧,别让别人也受到伤害。所以,不要让快乐的射手座痛 苦,别让他们最有魅力的笑容成为掩饰痛苦的伪装,认真爱射手座。你会知道射手座的爱,是充满泪水的
When all people saw his/her cheerful smile think he/she should be alright. But they didnt know broke up is a big hurt for them. Elegant outlook need someone to understand and pamper them well. Did you know? A little caring, they will remember how you treat them well. They will reserve his/her love for you. They are not to be understand but they will not on who else. They will think: Let them to bear better to hurt others. So, dont let them hurt, really love them! You must need to know, they are full of tears too....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 April 2010, Tuesday- Should I Try?

20 April 2010, Tuesday

This blog update is requested by my darl. Last week we had back to my hometown to celebrate my grandma birthday. She is already 75 years old. My darl and i had bring her go to see heart doctor before we went back KL at the afternoon. My aunty told me her heart already become weak, she cant even breathe sometimes when try to sleep tight in the midnight. Some other hand, my aunty (uncle KW's wife) will make her heart pain sometimes. Keep on complaining of her this or that. Remember the day, we all went out. When we reach home, she saw the soup not even cook. She so angry and keep on screw her from behind. Well, this already pass. Now i know how a mother in law and daughter in law quarrel and fight is. Hope too after i marry to my darl nothing happens to me. :)

Back to my grandma case. I really dont know how long my grandma will stay alive. I want her to see me marry a good husband, she got a grandson in law. Yes, my darl is really good on everything. He really pamper me well when i want it too. Hahahaa! My grandma also wish to see us get marry too. But for me, this is too early. We dont even reach one year or more. Our financial haven't stable yet, we need to get more things done before get marry. So i'm not joke. Sometimes i told my darl we ned 10 years to stable our things.

Last week, had lunch with my high school friend. Talk about working holiday visa at other country. Australia, Singapore, Philippine, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, United States... Well, i really have that mind i wanna to do so without think twice. I really feel fed up of here where will let me fly out from here. So, i had applied online aupair (where means become family babysitter at oversea). The advantages is really good where included can study part time at university, the family will give money every week. Where aupair need to is cook for the children, send the children go to school, accompany the child... (all about children and children only!!) Sounds interesting huh? But sad is, my darl dont let me to go so far. He will miss me wor. But should i have a try?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 April 2010, 1st anniversary

14 April 2010, Wednesday

One Year, Going to Be One Year

Never been into one relationship so long

知道吗 我的爱情最厉害的只有那么短短的一天!
Did know that? The shortest relationship i had is ONE day!

一天 有想象到怎么那么只有一天 但也许他不是我的最爱
One Day! Think how come only one day? Maybe he is not my real love

所以我没有什么难过超过一个月 只是记得我哭 只有打电话哭
So I didnt feel any sad for one month compare previous one. I just remember i'm cried Called him also will cried

最后他说我们是哥哥和妹妹的关系 最后还是没有联络了
End last, he told me i'm his best sister always. And he is my brother. Now Already disconnected with him

记得第一次和我相隔10年的男人约我出去 就这样见面后就不回头
Remember the time the man who dated me out He left me and last just bye bye without prior notice

心痛的吃饭没胃口 一想到就会哭 一直赖在床上 不想出去 见到任何人
抓着被 什么都不想说 他给的原因 就是忘不了他的旧爱

Heart pain till dont feel to eat, when think about it sure tears will out till cry

Keep on the bed dont feel want to go out and see anyone

Hold my blanket, dont feel want to talk

The reason he told me: he cant forget his past

只是说 For The Time Being We Are Just Friend

He just told me: For The Time Being We Are Just Friend

现在放下了 有一个很爱我的男人 计划两年后的我们会生活在一起

Now i already put down I have a very good and love me so much de boy friend

Sooner we will have our family in two years time

他真的很包容 但唯有我很怕见到的是

He is really loving but i'm very hope he will improve

他很没有耐心 脾气有点暴躁

有值得开心的 他的亲戚有大部分的告诉我
他很疼很爱我 什么都听我的 脾气改善了很多
学会珍惜 也许这是因为意外后发生吧
他也告诉我 他爱的只有我一个 要我把心给他

He is really inpatient sometimes his temper i cant even stop him

But i'm happy cuz some of his relatives told me he had improve a lot compare last time

He is very love and pamper me What i told him sure he will listen to me

Learns how to appreciate I think this is because the accident few years back

He wants me to know he very much in love with me, he hopes i can become his lovely wife

我又有什么渴求呢? 没有


What i hope? Just he will loves me more

We share all together, to go the road together till end of our life


Lou kong, lou poh want to wish you happy coming first year anniversary!


I love you